Classic Zebra Blinds

Double layer dimming, can adjust the local light and does not occupy space. Simple lines, pure colors, overlap and alternate between light and dark.

Worsted Zebra Blinds

Ultra thin super soft, high-grade exquisite.

Embroidered Zebra Blinds

Special base cloth, innovative design, super three-dimensional feeling; delicate, elegant, elegant, delicate flowers, vivid.

Jacquard Zebra Blinds

The fast-paced urban life makes people yearn for a quiet and idyllic life. The delicate and graceful embroidery design of the embroidered zebra curtain and the fresh and soft fabrics meet the people's aspiration.

Three Defense Zebra Blinds

The fabric adopts hydrophobic nanotechnology, and a layer of silica particles is distributed on the surface to form an isolation layer, which is waterproof, oil resistant and antifouling, which is as new as ever.

Five Defense Zebra Blinds

The "five proofs" zebra curtains emerge as the times require, "waterproof, fireproof, sunscreen, mildew proof, formaldehyde proof", with stronger functionality and better quality.

Classic Shangrila Blinds

The perfect design with three functions of window screen, blinds and rolling blinds, three-layer organizational structure, can adjust light at will, clear gauze net, simple and elegant plain eroticism tone, creating excellent visual effect.

Jacquard Shangrila Blinds

Better yarn, better technology, enhanced flexibility through jacquard design. A good curtain is smart, but not magnificent.

Printed Shangri La Blinds

The flower pattern is continuous, clear, natural and real, with rich colors and great selection.

Peacock Blinds

It is elegant, rich and leisurely when you shake the lotus step slowly I'm afraid only this poem can show the beauty, nobility, elegance and ease of peacocks.

Miami Blinds

The perfect combination of Shangri La curtain and rainbow curtain.

Venetian Blinds

Shutter curtain is divided into fixed type and movable type. It is made up of many thin pieces.

Classic Roller Blinds

As a product with high maturity and wide application in window decoration industry, rolling curtain is favored by the majority of buyers and consumers.

Sunscreen blinds

Waterproof, sunscreen, fireproof, mildew proof and formaldehyde resistant fabrics can meet the needs of consumers to a greater extent

Formaldehyde Free Blinds

For you to create a green and comfortable health home, children grow up more at ease, family life more at ease.

Electric Intelligence

Move your fingers, say goodbye to pulling, wireless remote control, and imagine intelligent life.

Outdoor Windproof Roller Blinds MR-ZT01

Mr-banma outdoor windproof roller blinds, not only better fabric!

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